MeltPro manufactures a large number of glue nozzles to fit most major OEM’s glue guns.

MeltPro is also well known for making custom nozzles to meet a customer's special needs.

Be sure to check out our “Engineered Products” section for special custom made nozzles or contact a
MeltPro engineer today to discuss your needs.

Multi Orifice Button Nozzles

Single Orifice Long Pencil Nozzle

Right Angle Nozzles

Single Orifice Short Pencil Nozzle

Single Orifice Button Nozzles

Needle Nozzles

Spray Swirl Nozzles

Hand Gun Nozzles

Call for Prices: 800.366.0568

"If You Glue It... We Can Do It!"

Below, you will find a few matrix charts to help you pick out the nozzle that you need.  These charts will help you find the most common nozzles used on the market today but they do not list all nozzle possibilities or all the nozzles that MeltPro has to offer.
If you cannot configure the nozzle that you need from the charts below, you can search our on-line catalog for a larger list of nozzle types and options.
Also, don’t forget that MeltPro can custom make nozzles to fit your exact needs.
The number of items that MeltPro has to offer far exceeds what can be shown on our web site.  Our sales catalog shows a much larger picture of what MeltPro has to offer but even that does not show everything.  If you still cannot find the item you are looking for, please contact MeltPro for assistance.

Be sure to check out our “Engineered Products” section for  information on our custom nozzles.

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