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Just like with so many other things in life, we all have moments when we wish that we could get something that is just a little different than the “Off the Shelf” version.  We here at MeltPro understand this need and over the years we have developed a reputation for being a company that is willing to custom create equipment and parts to fit a customers needs.

Further more, our engineering department has the ability to engineer and produce these special designs in a very short time frame.
As you scroll down this page, you can see and read about some of the engineered products that we have created for various customers.

If you feel that your production lines or maintenance personal would benefit if they had a custom made product, we employ you to contact a
MeltPro sales rep or engineer today to see what we can do for you.
MeltPro can custom design glue nozzles to fit a large variety of needs.
Special drilled “Dice” pattern button nozzles.
Nozzles with as many as 10 orifices at compound angles.
Nozzle tip extensions for single shot or multi orifice nozzles.
Extended tip needle nozzles.
Special right angle multi orifice nozzle boots.
Custom Knife shaped nozzles.
Extended right angle needle nozzle assemblies.
Custom “T” bar and
“Sift Proof” nozzles assemblies.
This is an area that MeltPro is called upon to achieve for many customers.  We will put you directly in the hands of our engineers to design and produce custom applicator guns to meet as many details as possible that “YOU” want the glue gun to have.

If you do not know the details that you need, our engineers will ask you a very small number of questions and from there be able to figure out the details you need so the gun will produce the results that you want.

And in most cases, all of this can be done in just a few days time and not a month like other companies will quote you.
Custom needle nozzle Sift-Proof guns.
Guns with special cable assemblies.
Custom made so the one gun can be used with many box sizes.  You do not have to change the gun when you change to a different box size.
Guns with Pivoting modules.
Special setups for spray swirl guns.
4’ wide spray swirl gun for diaper manufacture.
Another area that MeltPro does custom work is with hot melt units.  Most OEM’s will produce a series of melt units for a number of years and then come out with a new version to offer.  This leaves you with an old obsolete melt unit that you are not able to buy replacement parts for anymore.

MeltPro can take your old obsolete unit and do a “retro-fit” process that will replace all of the old electrical controls with a new control system that you can now service when you need to.  The customers that we have done retro-fits for  have reported that the new control system is more user friendly and easier to maintain than the original control system.

Below are some examples of retro-fit jobs
MeltPro has done.
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