Applicator Guns
MeltPro manufactures many types of applicator glue guns.  Glue guns are made to directly replace most other OEM’s guns.
MeltPro is also well known for producing custom made applicators to meet the special requirements of a customer.

Be sure to check out our “Engineered Products” section for special custom made glue guns or contact a
MeltPro engineer today to discuss your needs.

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"If You Glue It... We Can Do It!"

When it comes to Applicator glue guns, there are a large number of different configurations to pick from.  In the
“Applicators” section of our on-line catalog, you will find some of the more common glue gun part numbers and the systems that they work with.

There is also a
“Configuration Carousel” below that you can use to create an applicator part number.  Again, this configurator will help you put together the part number for a lot of different applicators but by far not all of them.  If you are not able to configure an applicator that you need from the carousel below, please contact MeltPro for help.

If you need to refresh your knowledge on the basic make up and terminology that is used with Applicator Glue Guns, further on down this web page is an area where you can read up on just what an applicator gun is.  It will help you to look over that information before using our “Applicator Configurator” to create your own gun part number.
Sample Part Number ( 20A42-N7EIPHN-2-3 )
This is Your Applicator Part Number & the description of the gun.

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gun compatible with your existing ones.

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MeltPro also produces a “Slim-Line” style of applicator gun.  This applicator is made to fit into very tight spaces and has an overall smaller foot print than other applicators.

MeltPro’s “MG” (Mini-Gun) gun is compatible with the Nordson® version of “Mini-Blue” applicator.

The “MG” gun comes equipped with a built in quick change glue filter, an air solenoid valve to operate the gun, and can be configured to work with most other OEM’s melt units and hoses.

Use the Mini-Gun
Configurator chart below to create an applicator gun part number for your needs.
Below here you can refresh your knowledge on the basic make up and terminology that is used with Applicator Glue Guns.   It will help you to know just what you get (or what you need to get) when you order a glue gun and the common terms that are used to describe the parts of a gun.  It may help you to look over this information before using our “Applicator Configurator” above to create your own gun part number.
When you go to your production line and look at the “Hot Melt Glue Applicator” (or glue gun), in most cases you will see the same group of items that are shown in the next picture.

However, what you see here is more than just an applicator gun.  This would be the complete adhesive application setup.
The next picture shows what is typically part of an applicator gun.  Even though the glue gun normally comes with an applicator module (gun module) on the front of it, you can purchase the gun with no module(s) if needed.  Please contact a MeltPro representative to obtain the correct part number to order what we call a “gun body only” assembly.
Even though you do not get a complete application setup when you order an applicator gun, MeltPro does produce the rest of the items that are in the first picture.  We also have the items that you do not see in the complete setup picture.  Items such as the triggering photo eyes, the gun air valve pattern controller, and we can even supply you with line speed encoders if you need them.

Don’t forget that with
MeltPro, you do not have to choose from applicator guns that already exist; we will custom design an applicator gun to perfectly fit your needs.
The number of items that MeltPro has to offer far exceeds what can be shown on our web site.  Our sales catalog shows a much larger picture of what MeltPro has to offer but even that does not show everything.  If you still cannot find the item you are looking for, please contact MeltPro for assistance.

Be sure to check out our “Engineered Products” section for  information on our custom made Applicators .

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